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Frustratingly... I can't get these pictures to upload with their proper color! These just don't do a clean Hypo Jungle like this justice.

Anyway... Welcome to the mix of Hypomelanism and Jungle all in one! Both traits are "Incomplete Dominant" but I wont go in to the genetics here.

A Hypo Jungle boa is produced as simply as you would expect; you pair a hypo boa to a Jungle boa and 1/4 of the babies could be Hypo Jungles.

In VERY simple terms, hypomelanism is like a colour booster morph. There is typically a large reduction in black and a boost in the reds and oranges.

Jungle, one of the most popular traits in the BCI collector business. This trait effects the boas pattern; making the saddles more aberrant. More expensive examples can even have a single stripe running up their back like a drizzle of colour. Jungle also tends to give a cleaner, more pastel appearance too!

Creamy 1
Hypo_Jungle Boas...  This_is_the_road to_some_ELITE morphs!
Creamy 2

The great thing about having a Hypo Jungle like this in my collection is that i can go on to make so much more with him. If I put him to another boa with Hypo of Jungle then you can make "Super" hypos, "Super" Jungles or even "Super Hypo Super Jungles" eventually. This little guy is certainly going to help me make some incredible bambinos in the future!

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